13 Places Where You Can Build a Home for “Free” in the US


When I was young, my dad used to tell me that “you can’t get something for free.” I have grown up always using it as a motivation for working hard. It may be true or not, depending on who you ask. 

In the modern society, you would think that freebies are no longer a thing. But wait a minute, in the United States; you can actually get homesteading land for free. Although the word free is used rather loosely here. There is a caveat that comes with the deal. 

But so long as you do not buy any of these lands, it is still free, is it? Here are some of the places you can find free land for your homestead, so long as you give something back to the society. 

How to find land for free in the US

There are several cities and towns in the US offering people free land to build homes and invest in there in return. Although these lands are technically not free, they still qualify to be free since you do not “buy” them. 

Most of these towns are small and lowly populated and look for people to boost their populations and improve living conditions in there. You could have heard of these opportunities but brushed them over as a scam, but some actually work out alright. 

In order to end up with the right application, the guys at WikiHow have an illustration of the steps you need to make actually to succeed. This is so that you do not end up being conned of your hard-earned cash. 


  • Osborne in Kansas


Osborne city is offering you free land so that you can contribute to the growth of its economy and also aid in increasing its population. 

Setting up a home in this city sounds like a good idea since there is a service railroad, fiber optic communication, a municipal airport and even has its own power plant. All these provide for a very convenient stay. 

Apply here for this land


  • Lincoln, Kansas


If you have ever imagined yourself having a home in the 720-square mile county with its buffaloes, farm animals, and the picturesque hillside, then this is your opportunity. 

This particular piece of land being offered is located in close proximity to a baseball field, the city park, and a high school. An industrial park together with a medical complex are just a walk away. 

Apply here for this land


  • Marne, Iowa


In Marne situated in Iowa, you can get lots of land of about 80 x 120 feet for free for building your homestead. This plot is located about 3 miles on the south of 1-80 on the exit of 51. 

The location boasts of high-speed internet, phone services, cable TV, and the Atlantic Municipal Utilities supply water in the locality and is also located in the Atlantic Community School District. 

However, your not less than 1200 square feet homestead has to be constructed within a period of 18 months before you are given the title deed. 

Apply for this land here


  • Marquette, Kansas


In Marquette, you are offered a chance to build a home in a small friendly town with an opportunity for your kids to enjoy its excellent and safe education system and schools. This location is also served with numerous facilities for a better living experience. 

When you are a successful applicant, your home is required to meet certain specifications. For example, its roof pitch should be about 5 to 12 feet; it should meet residential standards and must be on a crawl space/ basement foundation. 

Apply for this land here


  • Plainville, Kansas


Plainville city offers you the chance to enjoy the convenience of staying in a small town while still being close to a big city. This city of close to 2000 people has a number of major industries at which you can work. 

Lots of width of about 155 feet and a depth of 93 feet are still available for your homestead needs. 

Apply for this land here


  • Manilla, Iowa


Located on the rolling hills of Southern Crawford County, this town is known as “The Town People Pulled For.” 

The requirements are a little sketchy, but it is an opportunity worth checking out. These numerous plots of land could be where your next homestead could be situated. 

Apply for this land here


  • New Richland, Minnesota


This opportunity features an 86 x 133 feet plot that you can build your home in. The catch is that you have to actually build this home first within a year before the title deed is awarded to you.

About $25,000 should be enough to cover all the development costs. Although, with the Tax Increment Financing (TIF), this cost is reduced to about $14,000. 

Apply for this land here


  • Curtis, Nebraska


Here is another opportunity for a free plot on the beautiful rolling hills of Nebraska. You will have the chance to construct your single family home that will have to meet certain specifications of course. 

The paved streets and all utilities that you may need provide a very good place to raise a family or escape to for your retirement. 

Apply for this land here



  • Elwood, Nebraska


Elwood is another place that you will find lots of plots for your new homestead, but at a minimal fee. There are several successful applicants who have already put up houses on some of the plots, but lots of them remain just for you. 

Apply for this land here and for more information


  • Loup City, Nebraska


Want free lots for your new home, then Loup City in Nebraska should be your next stop. As an applicant, you are given the freedom to choose between Market rate homes or Workforce homes. 

For you to hold this land, you will have to pay a deposit of $1,000 which will be returned to you after you have completed the home (s). For the workforce homes, you need to qualify for certain income as well as asset restrictions. If you comply, there is a $20,000 assistance as down payment.

Apply for this land here


  • Muskegon, Michigan


Although not that “free,” the city offers you the chance to put up a homestead if you can do certain things for them. Let us say if you can provide employment opportunities for about 25 people; you will be given a chance to own a 5-acre piece of land. If you offer 50 jobs, then you will get 12 acres and so on. 

Apply for this land here


  • Anderson, Alaska


If you are one who prefers a quiet place away from modern civilization, then Anderson could be the place you are looking for. Located in the interior parts of Alaska, this small town has no traffic lights, grocery stores or even gas stations. 

The pleasant weather is quite appealing though, and it oversees Mount McKinsey. This is for those of you who like a remote area for their relaxations like me. 

Apply for this land here


  • Camden, Maine


This town is located along the coast of Maine and has a population of about 4,000 people. The town offers business people an opportunity to own 3.5 acres if they can provide job opportunities for 24 people. 

In return, the town is providing the business community with amenities for smooth operations. There is power, water, internet, parking, etc. 

Apply for this land here

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