23 Amazing and Simple DIY Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Your Home


Collection of rainwater has immense potential when harvested using the right systems at home. Research shows that an average house roof has the potential of collecting about 600 gallons of rainwater in an inch of rainfall. 

Do you see how much water you have been allowing to go to waste? It is now time to do something about it. DIY rainwater collection allows you to tap this free water and use it for most of your household needs. It could be watering your garden, livestock needs and even drinking.

Over time I have collected these 23 Amazing and Simple DIY Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Your Home. One thing to keep in mind is to always consult your local authorities on the guidelines for setting up a water harvesting system. 

Why should you Harvest Rainwater?

This is the question I get a lot when I bring up this topic to my friends. I might not know about you, but there are several reasonings and benefits that you would accrue from harvesting rainwater. This Infographic from CustomMade should explain to you everything you need to know, and how to properly collect the rainwater. 

23 DIY Rain Water Harvesting Ideas

It is now time to get your wits ready for these amazing home rainwater harvesting systems. 


  • An earthbag come water tank


If you are one of the “complex systems conversant” types of persons, this system could be worth your DIY project. This system is mostly used as an earthbag in deserts, but it could be used as a water tank for your rainwater collection. 

If you are up to the immense challenge, build it here.


  • Rain-Barrel System


This simple but effective Rain-Barrel DIY system is an effective means of collecting rainwater that could have just run off. The water that has been collected can then be used for watering of your gardens especially when there are restrictions on the use of water in your location. 

Use these simple steps to build your own system


  • The fence rainwater tank


Just like the bladder tank, this is not a DIY project, although it is a very good method for collecting rainwater. Even better, it can act as a fence to keep away intruders when you install it at open spots. This, in turn, keeps it away from your property in case it is a hindrance to the beauty of the landscape. 

Build it here


  • Improved DIY Rain Barrel System


By using a new garbage can and some hand tools and fittings, you can build an excellent rainwater collection system for watering your houseplants, lawn and even your garden. This system requires you to check with the authorities since garbage cans are not allowed in some jurisdictions. 

Build the system here


  • A Galvanized Stock Tank for collecting Rain Water


A galvanized stock tank can be turned into a very durable water barrel for storing the rainwater that you will be collecting. The rustic finish complements most décor found in most households. The barrel is sturdy, providing you with a longer service life. 

Build it here


  • PVC Rain Barrel


I must admit it here; I have this system at home too. PVC barrels are very common and can store lots of water for your household needs. Their sturdy structure makes them a common presence in most properties. In this DIY project, you are even provided with the mistakes to avoid when constructing it.

Build it here


  • Stand-alone Rain Water Collector


Here is an ingenious idea. Put a large water tank out in the open and add a huge funnel to it such that when it rains, the funnels collect the rainwater and channel it into the tank. Pretty cool right?

Build it here


  • Rain Barrel by Handyman


This DIY project will cost you less than $100, which is not much when you consider the amount of money in water bills. It will be saving you in return. It looks great too and uses locally available items. 

Build the project here


  • The Bladder Tank


Not much of a DIY project, this tank provides you with a storage option for your rainwater. By being not so obvious, your discrete water storage needs are met all at once. You would love it, especially if your house has a crawl space underneath it. 

Build it here


  • Basic Rain Barrel


Just as its name suggests, this system uses very basic materials and beginner carpentry skills. This system provides rainwater for your lawn and garden watering needs due to its basic nature. In addition, it would help you green the environment by using barrels that would have been otherwise disposed of. 

Build the project here


  • Metallic pipe guarded water barrel


This specific type of Rain Harvesting technique throws blending out of the roof and concentrates on its functionality. If you are up for it, then this tutorial should be of great help for you. 

Build it here


  • Cheap DIY Barrel


By utilizing a trash can, the building cost for this rainwater collection system is greatly reduced. Better still, you do not require any special to skills to build it. The 32-gallon trash can is easy to clean and cut through during its construction. To increase capacity, you can use a 55-gallon barrel. 

Build the project here


  • Disguised rain barrel


Are there restrictions on the use of water barrels in properties where yours is located? Then you can work around the problem by using a disguised water barrel. Consequently, the barrel then blends well with your property, eliminating any ugly sights around. 

Build it here


  • Medium Sized Rain Water Collection System


This Harvesting system is not for small sized properties. To better utilize it, you need a medium to a larger property to collect more water for your livestock and/or garden. 

Since it uses a larger tank, there is a shed constructed over it and a purification system (solar) for ensuring the water is safe for household uses. It is a little complex, but if you are up to it, then build it here.


  • DIY Trash can with Filter


The previous rain barrels came without a water filter. However, for this particular one, a filter is included to prevent debris from getting into the collected water. The filter will eliminate the annoying cases of your horse pipe clogging as you water your precious flowers.

Build it here


  • Rain Harvesting 101 for beginners


You could be a beginner with an urge to learn how this rainwater harvesting systems work. This easy to understand guide is just what you need. All the basics are clearly outlined, including any potential problems you might come across. 

This resource will be of great help in aiding you to have a better understanding of how water harvesting works. Check it out here.


  • The good-looking Rain Barrel


You could be looking at your neighbors’ rain barrels and wondering how they stand such sights around their house. Well, you can avoid all that by building this pretty water barrel for collecting rainwater. This nice-looking barrel would blend in pretty well with your flower pots too. 

Build this project here


  • Rain Barrel for Just $15


Rain barrels seem to be pretty common with DIY enthusiasts for harvesting rainwater. To continue this trend, here is a bargain system for just $15. It is forgivable to think that this system is defective, but it works pretty well. 

Build the project here.


  • Trashcan Rain Water Barrel


Trashcans are not only meant for collecting your refuse. They find a number of uses elsewhere for DIY enthusiasts like you. Collecting rainwater is just one of these. Descriptive and self-explainable pictures are used to spell out the steps. 

Build it here


  • YoungHouseLove Barrel


There are some of you who just want rainwater to water a few flowers and vegetables. If you fit in such a profile, then this rainwater harvesting system could be what you are looking for. The aesthetics of the final design looks pretty good too. 

Build the project here


  • Rain Barrel 101


Here is a tutorial for constructing your own water barrel for harvesting the overflows from your roof when it rains. The system comes with its own plan on how best to lay it out. 

Check it out here


  • The 275-gallon Rain Harvesting system


With this amount of water, watering a sizeable garden and providing your livestock with water should not be a problem. The instructions for this system are straightforward with lots of illustrative pictures. 

Build the project here


  • The 1,100-gallon Rain Water Harvesting system


The amount of water it collects might be scary at first, but it is pretty simple to put up. It uses 4 meat water tanks, which are then interlocked to function as a single unit. The instructions come in the form of a video that you will absolutely love. 

Build it here.


I hope you have found these 23 DIY Rainwater harvesting systems helpful in your quest to harvest the free rainwater for your various needs. Some of these rainwater harvesting projects are simple, while others are quite complex. 

The simpler ones allow you to store water just enough for your gardens and livestock, while the larger projects would store enough water for just about any need you may have. Good luck with these ideas that may also trigger other creative ones in you. 

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