25+ Affordable DIY Fence Ideas for Perimeter, Garden or Privacy


Have you thought it wise to have a fence around your home? You are not alone in this. There are lots of people who would like to put up fences but making the right choice has been a problem. These tough economic times that we have found ourselves in have even complicated it further.

It does not matter where you plan to have your fence and how you need it done; what matters is the protection that comes with the fence and the need to spend the least amount possible but on the best. Personally, I have been in the same situation and I believe my insights will be of great help to you.

However, there are lots of options I have come across that I believe you can consider as well. They are so economical and most are DIY except just a few ones that need to be purchased. I am just giving some highlight concerning these fences.

It is solely upon you to do some research before settling on what will work best for you. We have no affiliation with any of these companies mentioned in this article.

Things to consider before putting up a fence

You can settle on the best fence in the world; that has possibly everything you need, but without considering some factors, the fence will just be another structure around your yard. Here are some crucial considerations you will have to make:


  • Space that needs enclosure


The area that you need to enclose is what will determine the amount of fencing materials that you need to buy. At the same time, it enables you to settle on the materials that you can afford at that particular moment.


  • Budget


Different fencing materials cost varying amounts of money. How much have you set aside for this particular job? The amount you have budgeted for is what will determine the building supplies you can go for.


  • Purpose meant for the fence


Different fencing materials and designs are meant to serve different purposes. There are fences that are good for territorial marking, privacy, security, keeping away pets among others. Knowing what you need from your fence is therefore very much important even before you think of making a purchase.



  • Maintenance


Have you ever known that fences do require some form of maintenance? If you didn’t then I am now making you aware of this. Different fencing materials require different forms of maintenance; some of which are less demanding while others demand a lot. 

Regular sealing or paintings are some of the maintenance practices. All these will depend on the type of fencing materials you settled on.

Having looked at these very important pieces of information, it is therefore the right time to take a look at some of the most affordable fencing designs. Take a look:


  • Chain Link Design


This fence features among some of the easiest designs to be figured out. It is something that you can figure out on your own even in the absence of a tutorial. Something that I admire most in this fence is its decorative nature accompanied with the sturdiness. 

The chain link provides the needed protection around the property while the wooden posts provide some décor to the fence.





  • Goat Proof Fence


I keep goats, but they are escape artists. My relationship with my immediate neighbor has not been that well over the past few weeks due to these animals. But I love them; I don’t see myself getting rid of them. A fence will be of great help.

A fence that will confine these animals where I need them is what I need. This fence has been specifically designed to help keep the goats wherever they need to be. Restore the good relationship with your neighbors by simply putting up this fence.

There is a tutorial that offers you the guidance as you put it up.


Here is another article about building goat fences- 6 Important Tips to Consider to Build the Perfect Goat Fencing

Build the fence here


  • 4-Rail Horse Fence


This fence comes with a tutorial that will help you come up with this structure from scratch. All the steps are clear and well elaborated. It is something that you can build on your own. This makes it less expensive.

Additionally, it works best for most livestock besides its pretty look.



Build it here.


  • Prefab Fence


Here are some prefab options that you can consider if you are in need of a perimeter fence but you lack the confidence to build your own. This company has got something that I really loved which was how their Prefab options were taken and thereafter covered in wire.

This makes a good perimeter fence without any space that anything can use to go through. Don’t be worried by their good looks; they are very much affordable.







  • Veggie Fence


This fence is meant for your vegetable garden. It’s very sturdy and at the same time very gorgeous. You can choose to either build it on your own or even have it installed by a reputable company.

This one over here has been installed by a company. Therefore, there is no tutorial accompanying it. Nevertheless, with your creativity, you can create your design from the inspiration you get from this design.






  • Split Rail Fence together with Mesh


Are you in need of a perimeter or dog fence? Look no further as this is another cheaper option that can serve you right. Dogs cannot go through this mesh. At the same time, there is no loophole that will allow predators to get in.

Besides the nice looks, the fence is very functional.




Build this fence here


  • Pallet Fence


You can actually build a pallet fence at almost a zero cost. If you are undergoing some sort of financial crisis and you need a fence then consider using pallets to build one. It is very simple, and a tutorial for the same has been provided as well.


Build the fence here


  • DIY Garden Fences


A DIY garden fence is creative and appealing. The aesthetics are just as additional offerings you will acquire from a DIY garden fence on top of the protection that they provide around your garden. They will save you a lot of money by the way. They are a good way to keep predators away.


Build the fence here


  • Wood Frame Wire Fence


This one looks very good for the backyard. It works so well in confining small livestock and dogs in their areas. It is easy to put up and at the same time strong enough.


Build the fence


  • Dog Wire Privacy Fence


A fence like this one is what you need for purposes of providing privacy around your backyard or property. Any handy person like you can build this fence from zero. There is no tutorial on this, but you can find a way of going about it.

Privacy and how it stands out is what I like about it. 



  • 12 Pallet Fences


If your pallets are your thing, then this is another consideration you can make. There are 12 different designs of using these pallets for making fences. Choose either to have a perimeter or a picket fence from the different designs available.



Build the fence here


  • DIY Decorative Fence


If you are familiar with construction, then this type of fence will be so easy to put up. It’s unique and fulfills the purpose it is meant to. It is very decorative.



  • Chicken Wire Garden Fence


You only require some small amount of information to realize how this fence should look like. It is very beautiful while at the same time simple to build. If you are in possession of chicken wire and reclaimed wood, you can use them to protect your garden but in the form of a fence.


Build the fence here


  • Seven Inexpensive Fence Ideas


Here seven options for very cheap fencing ideas. No tutorials are attached to them. A building experience is therefore necessary if you have to construct some of these fences. If you need to hire a contractor to do the job for you, then make sure that you provide a visual of the fence and how you need it done.


Build the fence here


  • 9 DIY Fence Options


Here is a tutorial of 9 DIY fence options meant for perimeter and backyard. Each option is unique in a way. Some of them are so simple while others are more demanding due to their modern nature.


Build the fence here


  • Rustic Garden Fence


Having a sturdy, rustic with a homestead feel is not that easy. But here is a garden fence that offers all these qualities. If you like rustic stuff, then this is a good fence option that you need to consider. It is accompanied by a DIY tutorial.


Build the fence


  • Cattle Panel Fencing


This is an inspiration when it comes to creating your perimeter, backyard and garden fence. It is made of wooden posts with the center being made out of cattle paneling.


Build it here


  • Basic Mesh Fence


This kind of fencing requires mesh wire and t-posts. This makes it a very inexpensive option. It is quite easy to install and lasts a longer period compared to its construction cost. Keep your dogs in an enclosed area using the least amount of money possible using this fence.


Build this fence here


  • “Unique” DIY Fence


The uniqueness comes as a result of its horizontal design which goes against the common vertical designs. It is so beautiful and a good DIY option. Check on its provided tutorial and confirm if you can take this DIY project.


Build this fence here


  • Modern Privacy Fence


This decorative perimeter fence serves as a great option if you need some sort of privacy around your backyard. It is a very nice option for those who need privacy alone.


Build the fence here


  • Galvanized Perimeter Fence


I have so many galvanized products at home. You could also be having some. If you need to match these with your fence, then a galvanized one is what you will need. These types of fences are known for their great services when it comes to privacy or perimeter fences.

Being that they are free from corrosion, they will surely last.


Build it here


  • Slab Perimeter Fence


This kind of fence is not good for those who keep livestock. It works best as a means of dividing property. It’s an inexpensive but solid option. 



  • Pallet Garden Fence


Here is a video of how to make inexpensive fences using reclaimed pallets. Watch the video here. One good thing about pallets is that they are readily available and are free. They are very strong as building materials.

If you can find enough of these materials, then make good use of them by turning them into a garden fence.


  • Log Fence


Are you are on a tight budget but you are really in need of a fence? This is exactly what you have been looking for. Huge wood logs are stacked around areas to be fenced. It is very simple. All you need to do is make sure that it is tall and strong enough never to be knocked down or even jump over.


Build it here


  • Five Inexpensive DIY Fence Options


These are just ideas on how to construct some cheap fences from affordable materials. The ideas are not backed up with pictures. It’s now upon you to come up with your own design and probably build your own fence.

Any of the materials mentioned will work for any type of fence that you need. Some of these materials are old antique doors and lattice. If you chose to up-cycle, your fence would cost the least amount. 

Build them here


  • Modern Wattle Fence


This design of wattle fence is more modern. If you love wattle fencing but you do not like the old school types, then this is a great option for you. The size of the yard notwithstanding, it is a great fence.


Build it here


  • Wattle fencing


This is another good option for those who keep livestock such as goats. Keep them in their pasture by using this kind of a fence. The fact that it has been made using sticks makes it a very inexpensive one.


If you are not aware of how to construct it, then this tutorial will be very necessary.

Build it here


Fencing is one good way of having a peaceful coexistence with your neighbors. This plus other advantages such as privacy and security are every person’s desires. This article has some cheap options that you can consider.

Some of them are simple to build or install while others are much demanding. Regardless of the type of fence you chose, what is of utmost importance is the fact that I have provided you with a variety of options to choose from. And above all, you will have saved some money.


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