60 Canning Recipes you can Use to preserve your Meats, Vegetables and Fruits


Food canning is one of the best ways we can preserve our farm produce for future use. A lot of foods tend to go into waste after harvesting if not properly kept for future use. It is even much better if you preserve your food on your own.

With that, you are confident on what your family members will be consuming. It even saves you a lot during the tough times like during winter. Even if it is the toughest economic times you are left to grapple with, rest assured that your stomach will never rumble due to lack of what to eat.

With that mentioned and the sense driven home, we can now directly focus on some of these delicious recipes that you can use to preserve your foods for future use. But provided below are other relevant information articles that I think will be of help going forward. You can have a look at them during your free time:

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  • Spaghetti Sauce


There is a very big difference between store-bought and homemade tomato sauce. This is the time to plant tomatoes if you haven’t done so. There is some level of freshness that comes with tomato products that have been home canned.

This freshness cannot be duplicated. Try this out. 



  • Butter and bread pickles


I am more than 100% sure your kids will love these pickles. Butter and pickles are easy to make and store in cans. They taste so nice which make them a great addition to meals of sandwiches. 



  • Jalapeno Relish


I am a real fan of spicy foods. That makes me love anything that has jalapenos. Having them in hotdogs is very juicy. Relishes are simple to make, and they do add some little flare to the basic dishes.



  • Fresh canned corn


Another great recipe to store some of your summer harvests is here with us. Canning corn takes more time compared to vegetables. You should be aware of that in advance. The canned corn has a lot of areas of use. It can be used either as a side dish or as an addition to soups.



  • Fresh Blueberries


Am sure you will fall for these delicious blueberries. Canning these fruits whole takes less time compared to immediate canning. You can thereafter turn them into anything of your choice. It is much healthier if done this way; which is why you need to have them on your homemade cheesecake.



  • Apple Juice


Apple juice is one thing you should never lack in your home; especially the homemade apple juice which is loved by all in the family. The juice can be used to make apple jelly or better still save it for drinking purposes.

On a hot afternoon, you can try fresh apple juice, and you will like it.



  • Crushed Tomatoes


Crushed tomatoes are loved because of their versatility. Experience the best levels of deliciousness to chili or other soups with the addition of crushed tomatoes. Can some tomatoes if you have some in your garden. 



  • Cherries


Cherries can be used in any type of dessert. The more reason you need to store them in a can. It is even much better if you have some cherry trees in your yard. Instead of watching them go to waste, simply can them for use in the future. You will have saved some cash by doing this.



  • Fresh Canned Green Beans


Green beans are very common with farmers. Raising them is easier and canning them is very much the same. They can be added to vegetable soup and double up as a delicious side dish for the served meat entrée. They are very tasty.



  • Creamed Style Corn


There is little work involved in the preparation of creamed style corn compared to the regularly canned corn. It is however very worthy of it. Why don’t you try this out? You will certainly like it.



  • Dill Pickles


Dill pickles are tasty when used as snacks or on hamburgers and sandwiches. These products have some sour and tangy taste which most people prefer. Cucumbers are easy to grow, and the dill pickles are much easier to can.



  • Apple Pie Filling


Once you know how to make pie crust, canning pie filling becomes so easy to make. You can actually make this amazing apple pie filling on your own.




  • Rotel Tomatoes


I love Rotel tomatoes. Any time you visit me, you will never miss them. The recipe for this is very easy, and you can as well try it at home. Buying these products is however expensive. Why should I spend more after coming across this recipe?

I am going to make my own. You can add them to soups, dips, and pasta.



  • Peach Pie Filling


Here is a recipe to use while making the pie filling. Harvest and go ahead to can some of these for your family members.



  • Strawberries


Canning whole fruits allow you decide on what you can use them for in the future. The same case applies to strawberries. Can them whole so that you can use them to make dessert topping, jelly, pie filling, or jam. Canning strawberries are a perfect way to preserve them for future use.



  • Shell Peas


However much it is hard to grow peas, the end product is always enjoyable. You do not want to struggle with these plants up to the harvesting time only to waste their fruits. Preserve them for future use in stews and soups.  

If you can make creamed peas, then do so as they are very tasty when eaten on their own or together with chicken pie. 



  • Corn Cob Jelly


This is another great way to utilize all your corn without any wastage. You can be a little nervous when trying to make this jelly, but it will turn out to be so nice. This recipe is for those who love honey but do not keep them. Instead, they have corn.



  • Chow Chow Relish


Chow Chow” is another funny one that most people are not yet aware of. It is another easy to prepare product that you can make at home.



  • Apples


It is very easy to can apples. In fact, they just resemble fried apples after that. If you love fried apples, then this is another opportunity that you can’t let go. 



  • Corn Relish


Apart from being tasty, canned corn relish are also beautiful when placed in a jar. It is something that you will take time to love.



  • Chicken Stock


A lot of soup I make at home call for some chicken stock. The chicken stock is something that you can preserve and make on your own at home instead of buying. Apart from the amazing taste, you are poised to save a lot. 

I know you have chicken at home which you often butcher. Make the most out of this by utilizing most if not all the chicken parts.



  • Apple Sauce


Homemade applesauce is unbeatable. It is greatly loved by all my family members. It makes part of a quick snack or sandwiches for your kids’ lunch. You can actually decide on the kind of texture of the applesauce that suits you.




  • Cherry Pie Filling


Pies are some of the tastiest desserts you will likely come across. Their versatility is another plus. You can try making your own pie filling at home. 



  • Minced Garlic


Garlic has a lot of benefits on the human life. There has been an outrageous increase in the purchase of garlic in the stores. It is for this reason that its price keeps on increasing. Avoid the hassle by canning your own garlic

Start by growing your own but again you can buy them in bulk from wholesalers as well.  



  • Peaches


Peaches are easy to store in cans, which is very good for you. They are very healthy and can be transformed into pie jam or peach jam as well.



  • Vegetable Soup


Vegetable soups are easy to prepare and healthy for your family. A canned one is even much easier to use since all that remains is warming it up. You won’t frequent your grocery store if you get this process of making vegetable soup right. Spend less money on things that you can personally make.



  • Roast Beef


Roast beef can be preserved. You can do it in your home. I love canned meet because they are juicy and tender. This is as a result of the pressure involved in the canning process. Preserving your beef is another good alternative to freezing.



  • Pineapple


Grow pineapples from the scraps and enjoy the fruits later on. But after growing too many of them, being that they are simple to maintain, where do you take the rest? Preserve some of the pineapples for future use.

My love for pineapples is immeasurable. They are healthy and delicious. I can’t watch as some go bad.



  • Breakfast Sausage


Sausages can be cooked, canned and then stored for use in the future. The canned breakfast sausages bring a lot of conveniences and are even healthier given that there are fewer preservatives used.



  • Caramelized Onions


Anybody who loves cooking has used caramelized onions most of the times. Spectacular dishes are due to these. You might lack time to cook such meals, but why don’t you “can” the onions so that you find the easy time of just dumping them in the dish? 

The flavor remains the same, and you can’t notice that this is something that was prepared long ago.



  • Tomato Soup


Homemade tomato soup is delicious and inexpensive. If you are a tomato soup guy, then I would recommend that you store some by canning for your use.



  • Whole Grapes


Whole grapes can be canned to be eaten, used as jelly or juice. 



  • Lemons


Are you surprised that lemons can be canned? It was the first time I heard of this. You need to try this out if you like lemons in your tea. If you don’t grow lemons, you can find them at cheaper prices in the market and have them canned for your use.



  • Okra


Canning okra is very much possible; believe me. It is a very healthy way to store the okra for use in the coming days. It is a vegetable that you can grow in your yard. It will provide a variety of meals for your take later on if properly preserved. 



  • Chicken


I love chicken but not to the extent of eating store-bought canned ones. I like it natural. I often have my own chicken canned. You can as well do the same. With this, you eat what you know. I can only wish you well as you enjoy your own canned chicken.



  • Grape Jelly


Homemade jelly, especially grape jelly, is loved by kids. Canning it is very easy, even amateurs in canning can do it. 



  • Blackberry Jam


Blackberry jam is sweet on biscuits and toast. If you have a blackberry farm, you can prepare this recipe right from home.



  • Dry and Flour Goods


Use dry scanning to preserve your dry and flour goods. It makes use of an oven which I definitely know you can’t miss. If canned and stored, the taste is maintained together with an assurance that no bugs will attack them.



  • Ground beef


So many people are not aware that ground beef can be canned. Even if there is a power outage, you still have something to eat. 



  • Plums


Plums are always forgotten fruits, yet they are very tasty. If you grow them in plenty, then you should have some canned. They are very easy to grow and above all effortless to can.



  • Dry Beans


Beans are very rich in proteins. They are the protein source you can always run into whenever you find meat to be expensive. Canned dry beans take a little time to prepare compared to when you want to cook them from the dry state.



  • Venison


If you are a meat lover, you can enjoy canned venison. You can take them with rice.



  • Chili with Meat


There are times that you get home feeling so exhausted that you don’t even feel like getting to the kitchen. It happens to so many people; I included. But as long as I have some preserved chili, I am not worried. 

I just warm the chili and eat it with cornbread or hotdog.



  • Pumpkin


Pumpkins are mainly grown by many as a way of controlling worms in goats and chicken by providing them as meals to these animals. Let me inform you of another great way to use them. Canned pumpkins can be used to bake a wide variety of goods that will keep your family happy.



  • Chicken Noodle Soup


Do not the name confuse you; this is a recipe to make chicken noodle soup but without noodles. You are however free to add some noodles while warming up the soup.



  • Cowboy Candy


One way to preserve jalapenos is through cowboy candy. You can take them with eggs or with hot sandwiches. 



  • Carrots


Canned carrots taste great in soups or when taken as a side dish even though they look strange. Apart from that, you can actually notice the color that they add to your kitchen; very outstanding. 



  • Jalapeno Pepper Jelly


I am that person who likes a lot of spices in my meal. This is the reason I grow jalapenos in my orchard. The recipe for preparing jalapeno pepper jelly is an amazing one that I must try out very soon. Why can’t you join me in trying this out?




  • Bone Stock


Bone stock is another recipe that looks strange from the mention but can be prepared at home. It has a great taste and very good for the body. Above all, the process of making it is very cheap. Make the soup from any kind of bones you come across.



  • Salsa Verde


You can grow tomatillos which you can turn into salsa Verde before preserving for use in the future. Its green color is very much enticing apart from its delicious taste.



  • Strawberry Jelly


Homemade strawberry jelly is so good on biscuits, jelly sandwich and peanut butter. It is a great-tasting one which is even much easier to make. Try it out, and you will surely like it.



  • Dilly Beans


Here is another recipe to help in the preservation of your beans. Let the traditional method of preserving these protein-rich meals end this year.



  • Beans and Pork


Have you ever tried beans and pork with hotdogs or hamburgers? They are perfect alternatives to venison and other meat products. Their preparation is however quite extensive compared to the other recipes but worth the effort.



  • Squash


Canned squash are tasty when sautéed right from the can or from the casserole. They are very delicious that you cannot afford not to try.



  • Grape Juice


You can make grape juice at home if you grow grape vines in your yard. The juice is very necessary on a hot afternoon or even after your meals. You can as well use it to make some jelly which is a much shorter process.



  • Butter


Canning butter is another thing that you can do by yourself at home. You can plant your own butter or even buy them from your local grocery then do the canning. 



  • Rabbit


Rabbits are reared for meat. You should not let their meat go into waste after spending so many resources bringing them up. Canning their meat is a perfect way to preserve them. The meat becomes easy to use and very tender thereafter.



  • Potatoes


Both sweet and white potatoes can be preserved. You can grow both of them in your yard as they are easy to maintain. In fact, I like the great taste when they are canned.



  • Salsa


Have some of your salsa canned when still fresh as they are more delicious compared to the store-bought ones. You can take them with eggs, tortilla chips and burrito among others.




  • Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling


Check out what has been said about strawberry rhubarb pie filling. It is something that you can enjoy at home. Mix the rhubarb with some strawberry to make a tasty pie and have them canned for use in the winter.




No farm produce should ever be left to go to waste; be it meats, vegetables or fruits. There are always better ways to preserve them for your own use in the future. And to make it even enjoyable, you will be eating something that you already know how it was produced.

These 60 recipes in this article will help you on this journey. Let nothing hinder you from exploiting the full potential of your farm.

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