70+ Awesome Wooden Pallet Ideas for Your House and Garden Furniture


I am a great admirer of household creativity, more so when it is from repurposed wooden pallets. Is it just amazing how this wonderful resource finds lots of uses, even after being disposed of by users? 

People around the globe making highly crafty sofas, coffee tables and other outdoor and indoor furniture from pallets is now the in thing. I find it to be fun, very cheap (you can get the pallets for free) and also effective in reducing the waste in our landfills. 

There are lots of ways that pallets can spruce up your garden and house without feeling the pinch in your pockets. What will be required of you will just be some creativity and the willingness to get messy with your DIY tool.

To help with the creativity, I have prepared a list of awesome DIY Recycled Wooden Pallet Projects and ideas to get your creative mind all cranked up. 

Before I get you started, the lovely guys at FIX have an important info graphic about the things you need to know before you choose any pallet for your use. 


  • Free pallet Fence


I just had to start here, right? This is one the articles I had earlier done. These projects and ideas consist of eye-catching gates and fences that you can use to foolproof your property. 


Check it out


  • Pallet Headboard


I love it when elegance meets a rustic unique look in the bedroom. With safe and decently looking pallets, you can make this headboard for your bedroom. 


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  • Pallet Desk


When you need a working or a drafting station, simply mount one or two pallets together on stands and you have a great working desk. To sweeten the project, the spaces between the pallets can be used as drawers. How cool is that? 


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  • TV Stand


With pallets on a holiday, you can solve one tiny bit of furniture problem in your house. You have just brought home your new TV, or the existing stand got broken. TV stand can be a little expensive if you come to think of it. So why don’t you make a gorgeous one from the pallets?


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  • Dining Table


Having friends over? Want to throw a party in a short while? Are you running short of tables to fit your guests? Here is a different fix your problems.  I love the great sturdy look, and it comes very cheap too.


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  • Swing bed


I have this type of swing in my garden apparently. Imagine swinging on a comfortable bed on those afternoons when you feel very lazy. It just brings back those fond childhood memories. 


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  • Pallet Barn


If you have pallets lying idle somewhere, why don’t you use them to put up a great looking barn on your farm? You could then use it to store anything in there, or provide shelter for your animals. 


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  • Pallet Walkway


I once had this muddy place between my house and the garden. I was just too lazy to patch it up. So, when I stumbled upon this idea, I got an ingenious way of sorting out the muddy issue without spending a dime. 


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  • Pallet Bookshelf


If you are a book lover like me, you know the struggle we always have when it comes to storing all those books we have read. This pallet bookshelf has helped me get around this problem pretty easily.


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  • Signs post 


I know we all love to put up a signpost outside our houses. It could be a welcome sign, a love you sign or anything you may want to put up. Pallets provide you with a great board that you can write on and hang outside. 


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  • Pallet Scarecrow


I told you, pallets can make anything. If you can imagine it, pallets can turn into it. This scarecrow can be used for decoration or to scare away pests from your vegetable garden.


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  • Kitchen cabinet


Picture your perfect kitchen. Do you have coffee cups hanging in the open for guest to drool over? Yes you do. Do you have open shelves for easy access to utensils? Yes you do. But wait, you do not have the money to buy a fancy cabinet. Not just yet, pallets have you covered here. 


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  • Bike trailer


At first sight, this is the coolest idea I have seen in a long while. With your bike and this idea, you can tow along considerable stuff in your pallet trailer. 


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  • Daybed on wheels


A daybed is just what you need to get through the boring weekends as you move from the spot, slumbering away. And it looks great too, no matter what room you designate it to.


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  • King sized pallet bed


Let us face it, a king sized bed is not one that you will buy on cheaply. But with good, fresh and sturdy pallets, you can make a very decent looking king sized bed. Then you can sleep as the king and/queen you are.


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  • Pallet Sofa


If you can make a bed from pallets, why wouldn’t you make a sofa? This is what this project is all about. I like the sturdy and compact look. And to give it one extra DIY touch, the cushions on it are made from burlap bags. How cool do you that is?


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  • Pallet Cooler Stand


During summer, a cold drink is always a welcome relief from the extreme heat. The problem is keeping the cooler cool if you want outdoor refreshment. But to ensure that you cool it off the hot ground, you can put up a stand using pallets. 


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  • Pallet Wine Rack


For wine fanatics, keeping your precious bottles and wine glasses from harm’s way is all you want. Accidental knocks can ruin your night especially when you were to enjoy that fine wine you earlier reserved. This pallet rack should help keep them safe and sound


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  • Reading Nook


Ooh look! Your little buddy is learning how to read but he has no place to read his books. Well, make him a place of his own to horn his skills by making use of pallets. He will appreciate his reading nook. 


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  • Coffee table on casters


Here is a brilliant idea, screw two pallets, one on top of the other, and then put casters beneath them for portability. Seems pretty easy, right? Well, that is why pallets exist anyway. 


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  • Room Partition 


This is for those who are a little low on room space and want to divide the room for some other purposes. Or you just want some privacy in the next room but you do not want to put up a wall. This removable pallet partition is the way to go. 


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  • A Pallet Map Board


A couple of my friends love to decorate their rooms with maps. I think it is a pretty cool idea, more so for those of you who love travelling. If you love the maps, grab a few pieces of pallet wood, and decorate your house. 


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  • Glass Coffee Table


Here is another variant of the earlier coffee table I mentioned. To give it a modern touch, a glass top is added so that it blends perfectly with your living room.


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  • Sofas with Storage Spaces


Conventional sofas do not come with storage spaces like this one. When you stack up a number of pallets, the spaces in between can then be used to store stuff. There are also very comfortable cushions added on it. 


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  • Raised Planting Beds


When you walk into my front yard, you will find a raised bed made from pallets. There was no way I was missing this awesome idea for my flowers. 


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  • Pallet Fruit Basket


Keeping fruits fresh while also availing them everywhere is hard to do, especially if you want to do it without incurring so much expense. The era of just pilling them up on the counter is no more. They would rot anyway even if people struggle to eat them. So, keep your fruits fresh with this pallet basket and help keep the doctor away, one apple at a time. 


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  • Pallet Sled


Is there snow everywhere around you? If yes, then you know what that means? Its snow time! It’s time to slide down the icy slope of ice on your brand-new pallet sled. Regardless of whether you are a kid or an adult, just let the ice drench you. 


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  • Pallet Accent Wall


When you want to break up the wall pattern in your living room, nothing does it quite like pallet wood. The brownish and rustic appearance introduces an instant contrast that you wanted to achieve. Isn’t that why you wanted? The accent wall? Well, take a look at this project


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  • Pallet Adirondack Chair


I love vintage stuff. And what I love most is recreating them using very basic resources such as pallets. This amazing Adirondack chair is very comfortable for your evening relaxation as you watch the sunset. 


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  • Storage Chest


You can as well call them trunks, just like the good old days. This is a great way of keeping things tucked away from mankind. With this idea, you can actually make one by yourself instead of spending a fortune buying one. 


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  • Pallet Swimming Pool


The summer heat is starting to heat down on everyone. During this time, a dip in the water is as treasured as sunshine in winter. But wait, you can’t dig up a swimming pool in this short time. Worry not, pallets have your back. You can build this amazing swimming pool at a low cost and still cool yourself when the heat becomes too much. 


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  • Pallet Play House


Every little girl’s dream is to have this nice-looking playhouse. It requires very good carpentry skills to pull it off, so if you are up to it, then make your girl’s dream come true. 


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  • Rocking Chair


Front porches always scream for a rocking chair? I think I should also get one and enjoy my evenings as well as that cool breeze in the late afternoon. 


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  • DIY Futon Frame


Futons are lifesavers when it comes to multi-tasking. You can use them as beds or couches so long as you have the space to spread them out. If you have access to pallets and you are also good with carpentry work, then this is worth your time on a weekend. 


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  • Laundry Basket Holder


Every mom’s nightmare is keeping the too many laundry baskets organized after a day of endless laundry. It is common to find the baskets scattered all over the place. But with this idea, the baskets will be tucked away in a corner, neatly arranged in sorts of shelves. 


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  • Pallet Horse


There is nothing kids love than a toy that makes them feel like grown-ups. Take this idea for example; it makes your kid feel great as he/she tags along their “horse” made out of pallets. Do you think you can pull this off? It will be worth every minute. 


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  • Outdoor Pallet Lounge


Who said you couldn’t make a lounge from pallets? This creative project is for that fun loving you during spring and summer. At this time, all you do is soak up the mesmerizing sunshine while it lasts. 


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  • Wooden Kitchen Cabinet


I believe everybody should have an open kitchen cabinet. You can use it to store some of the foodstuff in an easily retrievable place. And since it is open, all it takes is a glance to know what supplies you are having or running low on. 


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  • Pallet Desk


Do you think you can make a complete pallet on top of metallic stands? Even a novice can make that. This project is simple, looks great and is never short of storage spaces. 


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  • Pallet Bar


Every man always imagines having a mini bar somewhere in the house. It could be in the basement or any other free space in the house. The good news is that you can use pallets to turn your imaginations into a reality with this idea. 


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  • Outdoor Sectional Sofa


This project is perfect for your large front porch lying just idle waiting for something to fill it up. The project consists of sofas and accompanying tables as well. It is like having your living room out on your doorstep. 


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  • Backdoor sofa


So, maybe you do not like the rustic look in your front yard but you want a sofa to chill on and catch up with your friends over a beer. Then there is something for you.


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  • Patio Furniture


Your patio needs a new set of good looking, cheap and easily customized furniture set. After making the furniture out of pallets, you can then give a finishing touch worthy of your summer guests. 


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  • Pallet Trash Bin


A trash can is not exactly what I look forward to having in my kitchen. It just looks outright ugly, and is not even degradable. In its place, I would prefer one made from recycled pallet woods to fix my trash problems.


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  • Picnic Table


Here is a table that you can set up in your backyard and use to enjoy a meal or refreshments during the summer. 


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  • Pallet Ramp


Getting upstairs can be a tricky affair if you have a disability. That is why ramps are required to be besides any staircase. If you have short stairs and want a ramp to aid in climbing it, then pallets have your backs covered. 


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  • Jewelry Holder


For the ladies, finding your jewels when in a hurry is quite an ordeal. This worsens when the jewelry box is small and cramped up. Beat the hassle with this easy to make holder from pallets. It is also very easy to make. 


Check it out


  • Pallet Bike Rack


If you are a biker, or have kids with bikes, then you know that storing them is often a challenge in the house. So to create more space inside, you can build a rack from pallets and store the bikes somewhere else. 


Check it out


  • Utensils Box


Although not the sort of utensils holder that would rival your stainless steel holder, this box still succeeds in keeping together your spoons and knives. 


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  • Christmas Tree


It is still a long way from Christmas, isn’t it? Well, it means then that you have enough time to make this awesome looking tree for your decorations. Even Santa will appreciate the creativity there. 


Check it out


  • Eco Rustic Bookshelves


Your numerous books just got a new home with this project. The rustic look of the pallets makes for a great addition to your wall too. 


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  • Pallet Shed


Pallets provide you with a whole range of flexibility in your building needs. With this, you do not need to buy a shed in the first place. You simply build your own. 


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  • Pallet Compost Bin


For a farmer and gardener like me, I like to make my own compost once in a while. It provides for a cheap source of fertilizer. That is why I need such an awesome bin to make all that organic waste rot away and later apply it on my garden. 


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  • Pallet Utility Table


It seems like there are lots of ideas about pallet tables. This one is unique though as it has spaces underneath for keeping newspapers and other stuff. This prevents cluttering of things more so when having coffee. 


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  • Kids Bookshelves


Your little readers love to scatter their books around. Here is a way of keeping their books organized in a tidy manner. I have to put this up for my girls this weekend. 


Check this out


  • Pallet Herb Garden


I have this somewhere near my flower garden. You don’t have to stick herbs into the ground for them to grow. And when you move, you can as well carry it along. How awesome?


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  • Photography Backdrop


For photographers, you sometimes need a rustic background for your captions. There is no cheaper way of getting better pictures than using pallets. You can try this out and send me those amazing clicks. 


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  • Pallet Clock


I love this clock. It is simple to put up and looks great on your wall too. 


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  • Bar Stools


Do you own a bar and want some stools to get your business going? Well, pallets have you covered again. These unique stools have the ability to be colored in any way that you want. 


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  • Porch Swing


I have this swing in my front porch and I love it. It makes for a very good way of passing time in the evening with my lovely girls. 


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  • Pallet Dog Bed


My canine friend loves his sleep warm and cozy. I think he will love this bed, just as yours definitely will. 


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  • Pallet flooring


Wooden floors are the warmest of floors out there but might also be quite expensive to have. With pallets, you have a unique and cheap flooring option. 


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  • Pallet Potting Bench


Have you seen any structure so stunning? I haven’t in quite a while. This bench provides for a comfortable flower planting method with the strenuous bending. 


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  • The Hanging Paracord Chair


Here is human creativity with pallets gone off charts. I have a crush on this chair; it’s only that I have not got the time to make it. When done, you will have a good quiet spot for relaxing and swinging the day’s hassle away.


Check it out


  • Kids Tools Bench


My kids always love to imitate whatever mommy does. It makes them feel all grown up and pretend to “have jobs” like mommy or daddy. This tool’s bench will make them even feel better about themselves. And in a way, make them occupied as you get things done around the house. 


Check it out


  • Kids Picnic Table


Some may call it spoiling our kids, but I think it is making them feel special (because they are, of course). This picnic table with an X shaped base consists of tables and benches, and can be used separately.


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  • Murphy Planting Station


As a gardener, working off the ground can be very strenuous on your back. To ease the backache, here is a planting station that unfolds when you are done. When building it, you need to design the working height so that it is comfy for you. 


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  • Bathroom Cabinet


I know you have an extra guest bathroom, and there is just not enough storage space in there. This pallet cabinet is an economical means of providing enough space for your guest towels and other essentials. 


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  • Shoe Hanger


Are you grappling with too many shoes in the house? Organizing them nicely can be a mountain of work. Here is an easy way out. Use pallets to build a hanger large and wide enough for all the shoes, and ensure everybody puts theirs where they took it. 


Check it out


  • Pallet Raft


Do you have a lake nearby and would want a way to have fun in it? Then build this raft out of pallet wood and take a couple of your boys (and girls too, although I wouldn’t set a foot on it) to have fun on weekends and holidays. 


Check it out


  • Hidden Pallet Ottoman


Some of you don’t like the rustic look of pallets, but still love the stuff made from them. This ottoman is made from pallets, but is given a lovely finish that you won’t actually believe it is made from pallets. 


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  • Pallets Serving Tray


Breakfast served in bed? Anyone interested? I know you love the idea. The only problem will be that you may not have the tray to do it or serve some else. This will not be a problem anymore with this pallets serving tray.


Check it out


There it is my lovely people. I hope these 70+ pallet furniture ideas have been helpful in solving one or two of your problems in a way. Did I leave something out that you feel is worth being mentioned? Just hit me up in the comments section and see what I can do.

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