70+ free DIY Greenhouse Plans that are absolutely doable


Imagine being able to grow your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers all year round in your backyard. Imagine the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, nice smelling roses and that glamour. But wait, you can’t because you do not have a greenhouse. 

And in return, the winter snow and the summer heat are throwing your crops into a spin. However, with these free DIY Greenhouse plans, you can forget all about these and keep doing what you love throughout. 

Get ready to take your passion for gardening to a whole new level. 


  • The GeoDome


In colder climates, hail, snow, nasty winds and frost can be a little of a nuisance for a gardener like you. That is why you need this greenhouse as it handles well these conditions. 

The other reason why I love this particular design is totally unrelated to gardening. It forms an amazing spot to hang out during spring when you need as much warmth as possible. 

Have you got the carpentry skills to work out the dome?


Build this greenhouse


  • The Barn Greenhouse


Before I got my own greenhouse, I used to “borrow” (borrow is loosely used here) fresh veggies from mom’s greenhouse. I grew out of this and decided to put up one of my own. 

Are you like me and want to stop relying on mom? This DIY plan by Ana White should be an easier starting point. The barn-like shape is a good fit for any backyard, provided you follow the provided instructions. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Tom’s Greenhouse


You do not have to forgo your greenhouse dreams even if you are hard-pressed for space. That exit right in front of your basement should be sufficient enough for this greenhouse. 

You do not have to cross the backyard to access your greenhouse; simply walk into it from your basement. This design includes shelves for putting your flower pots and other veggies, thereby maximizing space. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • A Fold-Down Greenhouse


At times you do not need to cover your plants with a greenhouse. This is only if there is good weather for most parts of the year. 

When tough weather approaches, you can then drop down this greenhouse on your awesome plants to keep them from harm. 

I love the idea of having an unhidden garden, but still being able to fold down some protective cover over them when harsh weather such as snow sets in. 


Build this greenhouse


  • Low-cost Glass Greenhouse


Do you have glass windows lying idle around? Good, those are good options for a greenhouse that is greening the environment too. 

If you do not have any glass windows or doors, then you could buy some from your local windows repair guy. As a DIY enthusiast, I found this design very efficient in a way since you can put up gutters too to harvest rainwater and use it to water the plants. 

The plans are easy to follow and even have pictorial tutorials. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • The Wranglerstar Greenhouse


This is another barn-house like a greenhouse, for those of you who fancy such types of greenhouses. Their large shape is well suited for larger gardening, allowing for more supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

These plans do require that you be good with building tools for an easier afternoon and a better-looking structure. 


Build it here


  • The Add-on Greenhouse


This is one of the greenhouses I normally call Add-On. This is because you can build it as an extension of any structure you have around. However, there are also plans for a stand-alone version of the same Greenhouse. 

By adding to an already existing structure, you minimize resources considerably, while also using glass for the windows instead of plastics. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Mini Greenhouse


There is no better way than using recuperated windows to grow your favorite flowers and plants. Some of these you can just pick lying somewhere idle. 

When building this greenhouse, you need to ensure the frames are strong enough to hold the roof in place as it can be a little heavy. 


Build it here


  • Barn Greenhouse


Are you free on the weekends? Looking for a more productive way of spending your time? Why don’t you use this time to build this greenhouse?

The large size resulting provides adequate room for most of your plants (we never have enough of them). 


Build this Greenhouse


  • The box Greenhouse


Featuring a raised bed, this greenhouse is suitable for colder seasons. The plants will be able to grow throughout without being interrupted by the cold weather. 

If you are a newbie DIY enthusiast, then putting it up should be an easier task since the box structure is not as complicated as A-frame structures.


Build this Greenhouse


  • Hoop Greenhouse


If you are looking for a greenhouse of under $100, then this could work out for you. This is actually my handwork, and there was no way it was going to miss from these DIY plans.  

I love this hoop greenhouse because it is made from recycled products, helping to cut down on the cost. The little that you use should be recuperated by the vegetables, tomatoes and cucumbers that you will be growing inside. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • The Big Greenhouse


This has been my personal preference because it gives me the freedom of choosing how to arrange the plants inside. You can use raised beds, or plant them right on the ground inside. 

The A-frame structures could be a little challenging to master, but once you get it, you should be good to go. In the end, you will have 10’ x 6’ of space for your gardening. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Baby Greenhouse


Sometimes you just need a greenhouse for planting seedlings until they mature before transferring them. Or you could just need a greenhouse for one or two of your favorite flowers. This greenhouse has you covered. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • The CD Case Greenhouse


Here is a crazy idea: Collect old cases of CDs and use them to construct a greenhouse for your houseplants. What a genius idea?

With such brilliance, I wasn’t going to leave out these plans. I would have done a great disservice to you. 


Build it here


  • Water Bottle Greenhouse


How about a free “greenhouse” particularly for your tomatoes? By covering your individual tomato plants with recycled water bottles, you create a sort of greenhouse over them.

This then provides a temporary protection from frost for your delicate tomatoes.


Build it here


  • Collection of Greenhouse plans (24 Plans)


Having a variety of choices can be a good and bad thing, but not for DIY enthusiasts. More choices mean more creativity and more variability in designs. 

Here, different plans for temporary and fixed greenhouses are provided so that you can choose from whichever one that blows you away.


Build these Greenhouses


  • The Mini Hothouse


Greenhouses work on a very simple principle. Trap the heat in and concentrate the carbon dioxide inside the housing. This makes the plants to flourish more. 

You do not need lots of resources for this, more so for single plants. Why don’t you simply wrap a plastic bag around the plant? 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Countertop Greenhouse


For small plants, you only need a 1’ x 1’ greenhouse to make them nourish. What I love about this design and you will do too, is its portability. 

If the plant is not getting enough sunshine on the spot, you can move it to a different spot for more exposure to sunlight.


Build this Greenhouse


  • A larger Hoop Greenhouse


Were you pleased by the previous hoop greenhouse and want a bigger one for more plants? Then I have you covered here. 

This design comes in two options: A steel option and a PVC + Wood frame. The former would be for those willing to spend more, while the latter is for a budget friendly build.


Build this Greenhouse


  • The Black + Decker Greenhouse


This greenhouse provides a balance between ease of building, temporary structure and functionality. It consists of wooden frames wrapped with plastics. The plastic, which lasts for shorter periods of time, can be replaced when it degrades. 

There is ample space inside for potted plants to grow comfortably, with an option of putting some on the tables inside. When it gets too hot, there is a prop window on top that can be opened.


Build it here


  • University of Tennessee Greenhouse plans (18 Plans)


These are a mix of 18 different Greenhouse plans which are temporary, fixed, complex and simple to undertake. You then have a choice to make on the one that you fancy. 

All your greenhouse preferences and choices are surely bound to be here. 


Build these Greenhouses


  • The Greenhouse of Sorts


I decided to call this a greenhouse of sorts since the structure falls between a greenhouse and an atrium. For this article, let me just call it a greenhouse, alright?

The design fits on a sewing cabinet and can be used to house small plants, either indoors or outdoors. There is no way your pumpkins will be growing inside this greenhouse.


Build this Greenhouse


  • YellaWood Greenhouse


A greenhouse with an 8’ x 8’ floor space should be sufficient for most of your vegetable needs. Backed with various options for your planting needs, this is one you would love just as I do. 

You can plant directly on the ground, use planting stations and mount planting tables inside. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • PVC Greenhouse


As a DIY enthusiast, you do not need step by step instructions to curve out something great for your plants. These plans do not come with pictorials that you will follow (I know it makes me sad too).

There is a materials list though, so that you can stock everything you will need for this project.


Build this Greenhouse


  • 50-Dollar Greenhouse


You do not need a fancy budget to build a decent greenhouse so that you enjoy a decent meal from your own backyard. 

You can build this decent one for a budget of not more than $50. What you will do is recycle and scout for a couple of stuff. 


Build it here


  • BuidEazy Greenhouse


There is no cooler greenhouse than this particular one here. It looks more like a house for plants than a greenhouse. I have imagined it on my homestead on several occasions; it’s just that I have not found the time to build it yet. 

It has ventilation windows on top when things get a little out of hand for the plants inside. These require some skills to put in place though. That is why they are optional. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • The IDEA Greenhouse


Are you a novice DIY enthusiast? Good. Here is a greenhouse idea to get you started. You would then be able to grow your own tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, for sale or in-house consumption. 

The wooden frame provides an added strength, with the plastic covering being able to let in and trap sufficient sunlight. Clear and straightforward instructions are provided for this project. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Instant Cloche


The simplicity of this greenhouse is what makes it appealing to me. I find the use of Conifer tree branches as frames and then wrapping them with plastic is quite genius. 

You just sharpen both ends of the branches and then stake them firmly into the ground. This forms some sort of a hoop shape. The restriction in size means that it is only seedlings and small plants that will fit. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Cedar Greenhouse


Built with a cedar wood finishing, this greenhouse is absolutely beautiful on your property. The 8 x 8 space available inside can be fitted with planting benches for more durability.


Build this Greenhouse


  • 300 Square foot Hoop House


Imagine having 300 square foot of greenhouse space in a hoop shape. The plants that you could have inside here can only be imagined. 

To build this project, you lay a wooden frame on the ground for support, fix PVC pipes onto this frame perimeter, place three supports inside and then wrap the whole set up with plastic. How simple is that?


Build this Greenhouse


  • Foldable Greenhouse


Foldable greenhouse? Some of you may be thinking right now that this is a very crazy idea, but it is not. It requires a lot of building knowhow so that you get right the folding mechanism.

Everything you need is well articulated in the building instructions. This helps you put up a structure that you can move along with easily. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Tabletop Greenhouse


This mini greenhouse resembles the countertop one, but with a little tweaking here and there. If you have an old table that you no longer use, why don’t you convert it into a greenhouse?

These plans give you detailed illustrations on how you will be able to make this a reality. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • The Plastic Bottle Greenhouse


Plastic water bottles are materials that you will abundantly find everywhere. They are quite annoying, but not when used to make a greenhouse.

The greenhouse can take any shape you want, but arranging the bottles evenly is what could be challenging. The process used should be self-explanatory too. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Tomato Fort


For less than $50, you can protect your tomatoes from the rain. Rain and tomatoes do not go very well together. 

This greenhouse is made such that you can open one side during the sunny days, and close it when it rains. The fruits then get a good dose of sunshine, and remain protected from rain. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Flower Tent


What if all you want is just a cover for your raised flower beds? You do not need a massive Greenhouse for that. 

What you need to do is installing two PVC pipes into the beds from corner to corner and then wrapping them with a plastic covering. And you are all done. 


Build this Greenhouse


  • Trampoline Greenhouse


How cool does it sound to recycle an old trampoline into a greenhouse? You divide the trampoline in half and use each half to cover both front and back parts. 

The whole setup can then be covered with plastic. 


Build this greenhouse


  • Bamboo Greenhouse


By using this wonder plant, you get more strength and keep down the cost of putting it up. For a cooler option, you can even use the bamboo growing in your backyard for this project. 

A plastic wrapping will then be able to provide the insulation for the greenhouse.


Build this Greenhouse


  • The Pallet Greenhouse


Here is another greenhouse that will require you to bring out your innate carpentry skills for better results. The A-frames are a little tricky to get right at first.

Wire meshes are used to provide more reinforcement on the frames with the plastic being wrapped on the mesh. 


Build this greenhouse


  • Removable Cold Frame


For a few ground flower beds, all you need is a wire mesh fixed on a wooden frame and a sort of hoop greenhouse hood on top. 

The cover can be dropped onto the frame in extreme cold and snow, and then removed when sunshine returns. 



Build this Greenhouse


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