DIY Tree House Plans that can shape your Childhood and Adulthood


I have always loved tree houses. I know you probably do the same, but have you ever thought of living in your very own tree house? Yes, you can enjoy playing games throughout the day in a secretly built house above the trees.

And it doesn’t apply to children only; even adults sometimes need some kind of privacy in these houses. This article has plans on how to construct these tree houses. Some are houses that you can actually spend the rest of your life in while others are decks that don’t require much.

All have been included here for you to choose which one best suits you.

What to consider before putting up a tree house


  • Entrance


The entrance is a very important part of a tree house. It is the only way to get access to this beautifully designed structure. What will form part of this entrance? Will it be a rope bridge or a mechanical pulley?

You have to decide on these based on who plans to use the tree house so often.


  • Mounting


Most tree houses are supported by trees. An attachment bolt is always drilled through the tree’s trunk. Make sure that there are no damages caused on the tree during the mounting process. You can reduce the stress caused on the tree by beams that are dug into the ground to support the tree house.

Bear loads and staircases are therefore created through this. Another way to mount the tree house is by squeezing the weight of the tree house against the tree’s trunk. A hexagonal pattern built around the tree will ensure this is done.


  • Strength of the tree


A hardwood tree whose trunk is no less than 12 inches in diameter is capable of supporting any kind of tree house that measures 8 square feet. Check on how old the tree is. A very old tree might dry up and fall hence damaging your recently constructed tree house. A relatively young tree is so ideal.



  • Need for permits


There are some states that have strict laws protecting trees. Please make sure that you make inquiries to ensure that you don’t get on the wrong side of the law. 


  • Special Features


There are other special features that you might consider enjoining in your tree house. They include and are not limited to cabled roofs, spiral staircase and drawbridges. Having a prior thought on these with a proper plan and budget is very necessary.

Here are the plans:


  • Simple Tree House


This is a basic house that is ideal for children. Due to its openness, it cannot be used for social gatherings especially those involving adults. Your kids will however like it without a doubt . Just tell them to take extra caution when climbing the ladder.×800.jpg?resize=600%2C800

Build it here


  • Open Tree House


Here is another easy to build a tree house that is not weatherproof. It is great for purposes like hideaway or even as a personal backyard oasis. Its lattice wall and pergola-like roof make it stand out from the rest. You can use it as your place of catching some sun.×402.jpg?resize=600%2C402

Build it here


  • Easy and Classic Tree House


This is a simple yet so adorable tree house. It is not built so high above the ground making it reachable by even the kids. You can even think that it doesn’t require any tree. This is the design that suits treehouse lovers that lack large trees in their yards.

Build it here


  • Connected Tree House


This is an amazing tree house that every kid cannot resist. It is some sort of little oasis on its own. It has a slide that your kids can use to climb the tree house from your house. From the inside, the tree house is a two-story oasis. You can as well use it for your relaxation needs.×338.jpg?resize=600%2C338

Build it here


  • Modern Tree House


This tree house is not an average rustic type. Its angled-design makes it appear very modern. This plan is a bit costly but worth the money.

Build it here


  • Exercise Tree House


The only way to keep your children away from being lazy and lethargic is by ensuring that they do a lot of exercises. This tree house has a climbing place that will be great for exercise. Just build the kids this tree house and they will no longer be all over the house fighting for electronics to use as toys.

Build it here


  • Matching Tree House


This tree house is so adorable and adds some charm to your home. I really love its design, and I will definitely have one like this by mid this year. There is a slide attached to this tree house, and your children will surely like it.×450.jpg?resize=600%2C450

Build it here


  • Child Oasis


What a stunning tree house this is? It is meant for children. A slide has been designed on the side. Gift one to your kids.×800.jpg?resize=533%2C800

Build it here


  • Very Unique Tree House


This is made high off the ground and is meant for adults and not children. It is uniquely designed to minimize on awkward climbing. There is a walkway that enters into the tree house directly. The good part of it is the charm that it brings to your residence. 

Build it here


  • Little Blue Tree House


Its color is a really nice feature that is adored by many. Even in the midst of wooden areas, it will still stand out. Whether you plan to use it as a hangout or a play area for your child, it will serve both with impartiality.×758.jpg?resize=600%2C758

Build it here


  • Simple Tree House


Here is a simple design that is relatively durable. Your kids will surely enjoy it for a longer period of time. Remember that it is suitable for kids of all ages.

Build it here


  • Wood Sided Tree House


This is a traditional style tree house that is basically a small building in some tree. It has some windows and four walls. The wood siding makes it have a finished look. The fact that it is covered makes it possible for your son to leave some of his toys here without the fear of damage or loss.×798.jpg?resize=600%2C798

Build it here


  • A-Frame Tree House


It is another traditional tree house style. Do you remember the olden TV shows with children playing in tree houses? Take your children back to these times by gifting them this tree house.

Build it here


  • Detailed Tree House Plans


Here are great plans with detailed descriptions of how to construct them. Besides, the pictures are also so detailed. A visual learner like me hasn’t been left behind here.

Build them here


  • Uncovered Tree House


This is a tree deck; it lacks a roof. Its small design makes it ideal for children. It is very less demanding in terms of construction. I am pretty sure it is something you can build on your own.

Build it here


  • Tree House with a Deck


Do you intend to have a place for social gatherings for all kinds of people? This tree house will serve you best for this plus your children. Its interior is however not that big. The large deck that surrounds it covers for the small interior.

Transfer those summer gatherings to this place.×800.jpg?resize=598%2C800

Build it here


  • Medium Size Tree House


This one over here is a small tree house that isn’t a deck either. It is a good outdoor playground for children. It is made of wood.

Build it here


  • Cabin Style Tree House


It resembles a rustic cabin. Its windows give a lot of sunlight to the tree house. This is the perfect place to have your kids play during the day. It also blends so well into most designs of homes.

Build it here


  • Pirate Tree House


Are you a fan of pirates? If you are, then this one is specifically made for you. The house is so roomy and allows you to move around with a lot of ease. Its outer side is well decorated to imitate that of a pirate ship.

Build it here


  • Easy Outdoor Tree House


Do you have plans to camp in the woods? This tree house is all you need if you have to engage your family in some high-quality outdoor oasis. Your entire family will automatically fall in love with this tree house.

Build it here


  • Tree Deck


This is a beautifully designed tree deck with a rope as a means to get into it. It has no top so leaving some of your valuables here is so risky. Away from the risk of losing your items, it is a really good place to relax, have fun or even as a place for social gatherings.×450.jpg?resize=600%2C450

Build it here


  • Picket Tree Fort


It has a fence meant to provide privacy surrounding its sides. It has no covering making it look like a deck. It is a great place to have a parents’ getaway while at the same time a good place for children.

Build it here


  • Off-Grid Tree House


This gorgeous tree house is a perfect place to have your children play. It is an ideal place for children living away from the grid. Apart from the play space, this tree house adds a lot of charm to your home.

Build it here


  • Tree House Plans


These are detailed plans with visuals that give you a perfect idea of what your tree house is likely to look like upon completion. They can be constructed by experienced carpenters.

Build it here


  • Lean-To Tree House


Designed with a slanted roof and four walls, this lean-to tree house is another plan that you can consider. For purposes of ventilation, there is a gap between its walls. It is basically designed for children. Make them happy by building this treehouse for them.×450.jpg?resize=600%2C450

Build it here


  • DIY Tree Deck


This is another great tree deck that you can build on your own. It can serve both adults and children. Have this in your yard and enjoy moments of relaxation with your with your family.×800.jpg?resize=533%2C800

Build it here


  • Tree-Pod


This little green tree pod is unique. You can sleep in it or even play if you are in a small setup. It calls for some calmness which makes it a great place for adults and if kids are to be there then they need to be extremely calm.

Build it here


  • Tree Fort


Meant for children of different ages, this tiny tree fort is so beautifully made. This is a great way to encourage outdoor play among your kids. You can even add a simple pulley system to help your children reach out to toys and other tools of play with a lot of ease.

Build it here


  • Simple Tree House Plans


These are very easy read and follow plans. The simple tree houses have decks surrounding them. The only problem with these plans is their lack of great visuals. If you are great with visual learning, then these plans are not yours.

Build them here


  • Tree House Drawing


Another great and easy design that is accompanied with a simple visual is here. The visual isn’t rich in details but gives a clear picture of what the end result should be like. It is a great play area for kids.

If you want to minimize your children’s indoor playtime, just build them this tree house.

Build it here


I have given you 30 plans that you can consider if you want some charm and joy in your home. Choose an idea that will meet most of your needs but without spending so much. In fact, you and your children are well covered.

Which one of the plans has captured your imaginations? Have you ever had a tree house in the past? I hope you won’t mind sharing your experience with us.

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