Free DIY Cabin Plans

Who else wants to know more about these Free DIY Cabin Plans?

Have you ever thought of constructing a small but beautiful log cabin?  If such thoughts have ever crossed your mind then this is the right place for you. We have sorted multiple plans for constructing the cabins for both the small and big homes. 

And being that we do not know what your tastes are, we are going to list them here so that you can choose what will have caught your attention. You can decide to build one from this moment or rather dream over it for some time as you look for sufficient resources.

Take a look at the plans:


  • Beach House


This is a little house that resembles a beach house. It is slightly lifted off the ground which is ideal if you stay in an area that is known for flooding. The small size is good for a smaller family.

Build the cabin here


  • Tiny Classic Cabin


This is one beautifully designed cabin that you can consider as well. If you have ever lived in a tiny house, then it can be of great interest to you as well. It doesn’t require much space to show its nice looks.

This is the perfect house plan for your small family that needs smaller living space that comes with less responsibility. It is something that you wouldn’t want to rush into but if your research reveals that you need such a place to call home then consider it right away.

Build the cabin here


  • 2-Bedroom Cabin


I like how the roof gives this cabin a totally different look from a larger percentage of cabins as you will see as we move along. Its practical layout is something that I know you will consider as it is not only functional but also enjoyable.

It is a smaller cabin but isn’t that tiny.

Build the cabin here


  • Saphire Cottage


This is another relatively smaller cabin that works best for smaller families. Its loft overlooks the room giving it a great look. It has a master bedroom on the first floor.

It is also designed with a gorgeous porch as well as a place for woodstove or fireplace. There is a rock detail that creates some quaint feeling from the outside. This is basically how every cottage looks like.

Build the cabin here


  • Barn Style Solar House


Here is another little cabin that you might get interested in. Its adorable shape that resembles that of a barn fits on many land spaces where cabins are ideal choices. It offers self-sufficiency in the name of space for solar panels.

Many prefer such self-sufficiency.

Build it here


  • Loft Cabin


This cabin is of a great size. It has been designed with an open floor plan together with a large room, dining room and kitchen. Its sleeping quarters are located on its second floor; in the loft to be precise. 

The distinct chimney that emanates from the fireplace brings about some beauty with it on the outside. Its front porch is really adorable. You can actually enjoy sunsets and sunrises from the porch.

Build the cabin here


  • Little House in the Woods


It is a small cabin that is affordable. It doesn’t cost much to build as you can use materials you have at hand. It is neither fancy nor roomy which just makes it a perfect place for hanging your hat. You can even build it on your own.

Build it here


  • Farm House


Have you ever been to a typical farmhouse? This is an exact copy of such a house. The front porch is beautifully covered making it really gorgeous. Its two stories meant for living space makes it roomy.

A larger and classic home is available in the name of this cabin. Consider it if at all it is what you’ve been looking for to call home.

Build the cabin here


  • Vacation Cabin


This cabin is meant to provide some ambiance as a vacation spot. It is just a single open room but with a size that can accommodate a king size bed. There is also space for the hot tub, kitchen, and bathroom.

It has two porches; at the backside and front as well as a fireplace.

Build the cabin here


  • Cabin with Basement


Do you love basements as I do? Especially the underground storage and protection, those are always the kind of things I like. This is the ideal place to store your canned foodstuffs apart from the shelter that you seek in it during the storm.

Additionally, you can grow fodder for your livestock in winter and store them here for use in the near future. It has aloft beside it being roomy to accommodate a good number of things.

Build the cabin here


  • A-Frame Cabin


The A-Frame cabin is a traditional design that is loved by many due to its beauty. You are probably one of these many people. It has a great layout that features two roomy stories. The big windows and balconies allow for sufficient amounts of sunlight into the rooms.

The spaces are also enough to rest in as you enjoy the beautiful sceneries around your home.

Build the cabin here


  • 400 Square Foot Cabin


It is slightly less than 400 square feet. It is therefore small in size, but this small package has been crammed with more than amazing details which make it really stand out. 

It contains all the rooms that you might need in a home. The cabin is actually a combination of functionality and minimal space.

Build this cabin here


  • Cabin Plans by North Dakota State University


There are multiple cabin plans on this site that can be of great help to you. They are however more expensive compared to the rest of the cabins. They have additional amenities that most people love to have in their homes.

Besides, they are designed to harbor multiple bedrooms. They are also spacious and are good matches to those who really need larger houses.

Build the cabin here


  • ‘Future’ Plans House


These are very detailed house plans; right from the well-spaced kitchen to the living rooms. The floor plans have been designed in such a way that there is room for the addition of future plans. You can actually create a larger sleeping porch; otherwise known as the second bedroom. It is really a very neat design.

Build the cabin here


  • Cabin Plans by University of Tennessee


There are multiple A-frame and smaller cabins here. Some even go to the extent of 5 medium-sized rooms. Whatever size of cabin you might be looking for; there is definitely a plan here that will solve your issues.

Build the cabin here


  • Large Cabin with Basement


This cabin is made of numerous rooms. Additionally, there is a garage that is capable of storing a lot of things. A wraparound porch that can accommodate so many rocking chairs is available too. This helps in having a view of the environment around you.

Build the cabin here


  • Tiny Brick House


This is a more modern design of a cabin. The covered pergolas found over the windows together with the brick finish are what I like the most about this plan. Its two-story floor plan makes the square footage appear larger than it is in the actual sense.

Build the plan here


  • Rustic Log Cabin


Most of these Alaskan cabins are made of big and thick logs that create some form of iconic look upon completion. The rounded and big logs provide some classic look besides the warmth that is always associated with them.

During the winter, the logs become good insulators, and in the process, the house is kept cozy since no heat is lost to the outside environment.

Build the cabin here


  • Cabin with Covered Entrance


Here is another snug home for you. A very easy upkeep is possible as a result of its size. A covered entrance is always a bonus in any kind of house. 

Consider this as part of your smaller home.

Build this cabin here


  • Mini-Cabin


Composed of 1 open room that has a fireplace and sleeping quarters due to the overhead loft, this is a really adorable cabin. A little cut-out bathroom and kitchen are also available in this plan. There are little frills in this little space that you will soon call home.

Build the cabin here


  • Rustic Hand Built Cabin


It takes the looks of the original cabins that were hand built. This cabin is smaller in terms of square footage. It can also be built with minimal costs by using materials on hand. These two facts make it a good consideration to make as well.

This cabin is all that one needs instead of some giant mortgage or large space at the beginning of life or homesteading.

Build the cabin here


  • Little Wooden Cabin


It is a somehow larger cabin compared to some of the plans described above. It has a covered porch and enough space for the woodstove. It is definitely a great house for one person, couple or even a small family. 

The house doesn’t require much in terms of maintenance. That’s another great feature that you will really like about it.

Build the cabin here


  • Lookout Cabin


A very gorgeous balcony forms part of this modern and beautifully designed cabin. You can build it on the small piece of land that you have. 

Build it here


  • Pole Cabin


Pole cabin is a functional home house that has all that you might need; a kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. It is roomy and can accommodate a large number of people in a very hospitable way.

It is not that large to the point that maintenance will be an issue. Here is a home that will accommodate your family and still leave room for a few guests.

Build it here


  • Updated Farmhouse Cabin


It is just a reminder of the original farmhouses that were smaller in sizes. The layout and the loft are so admirable. There is a balcony upstairs on the outer side of the home together with a room for the large porch at the front.

Build it here


  • Duplex Cabins


These are two cabins that look as if they are just one. The roof gives a walkway that is covered up to the two cabin doors. Do you wish to live close to your family members or friends? This cabin allows for such while ensuring that both of you enjoy your spaces.

Build the cabin here


  • A-Frame with a Porch


This is an absolute masterpiece done from any materials that you might come across. It has a welcoming front porch that is really nice.

Build it here


Those are the great plans that you can turn a home that you have desired to have. What else could you be waiting for? Get down to business and turn them into realities.


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