Free Tomato Cage and Trellis Ideas

Free Tomato Cage and Trellis Ideas for Healthy and Big Tomatoes

I prefer growing tomatoes in small yards that require minimal maintenance. And this idea fits perfectly well in the limited space in my yard. In such cases, tomatoes do have a lot of problems growing vertically.

You must have probably seen this behavior in your plants. But here is how you can eliminate this problem from your yard. Here is a list of ways through which you can do it using what I will call tomato cage and trellis ideas.

Apart from just being eye-catching, they are fully functional. Here they are:


  • Tomato Staking Technique


This technique offers the cage and trellis ideas besides the pros, cons and how-to. It features covering cages such as concrete wire mesh and wire mesh cages. There are also other areas that you should be concerned about such as the twine and post method.

The post has estimated costs of constructing each cage. If you are after a cost-effective trellis or cage to build, then you are in the right place. There is also an option of buying one apart from creating one on your own.

The article goes further to give what these cages and trellis cannot withstand. These techniques are however not widely used. You can consider having a look at them though; you might get interested. 

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  • Trellis Raised Bed Combo


This idea is what simplicity has to offer. Just build two small beds above the ground, and once they are in place, you will have to connect the two using a wire trellis. In the process, you will have made an archway.

This archway is fully covered and will be of great importance when you have green beans, pumpkins, and squash on the farm. Your garden will get some whimsical feeling as a result of this idea.

Here is the source


  • Ultimate Tomato Trellis


This is a whopper tomato trellis that will keep your tomatoes from sagging. It is built in a design that resembles an A-frame. 4 pieces of wood are placed on the ground on either side after which two pieces are placed together to create the A-shape.

A beam is then placed at the top and bottom of the frame. A wire is then run from the top beam to the bottom beam to train your tomatoes to make upright growth. 

You can as well avoid making the A-frame if you have a set of old swings. The swings can be taken off and the frame used on its own. All you will have to do is add the bottom beam before running the wire. Even the initial design is still a great one for keeping your tomatoes upright as they grow.

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  • Funky Garden Trellis


This idea adds some character to the homestead; be it small or large. Begin by looking for old pallets that have been set aside. You are going to breathe some life into them for probably the very last time.

Deconstruct these pallets by making the part with slats available. Just keep on holding the remaining parts of the pallets. Tie two flat pallet sides together to form an A-frame over your tomatoes.

The tomatoes will then need to be tied to the pallets to train them to grow upright. If you have some bright colors, you can paint them using the bright colored paint to make them look more amazing. If you love this idea, then don’t hesitate to go for it.

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  • T-Post Tomato Trellis


This rustic, homemade and functional trellis idea is so adorable. All you need to be done is driving t-posts into the ground then introduce rebar before twinning. In simple terms, make sure that the t-posts are on the ground, rebar across the top whereas the twine is down and up the frame.

The twine is then tied to the tomato plant’s base. When this plant grows, it does so uprightly on this trellis. The tomatoes will not only grow straight but also strong. You will have saved a significant amount of resources on staking all your plants as well.

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  • Folding Cage #1


Here is a tomato cage that will perform its duties perfectly well in the summer and can easily be stored in the winter. It is actually foldable; its construction requires a small number of materials. If you are familiar with building various structures, then you can put it up in a few minutes.

All you need are screws and pieces of wood of different sizes. The idea behind this cage is the construction of two separate pieces of ladder that can unfold and fold together. Make sure you have a connecting hinge on its side as is always the case with ladders.

It can actually accommodate larger tomatoes because of its special design characterized by the use of simple materials. The wood used will not bend under any circumstance.

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  • Folding Cage #2


I at this moment present a site that has a wide variety of high-quality tomato cages. You may have come across or are yet to meet some of them in this article. They are folding types making them easy to store when there is no use for them.

The construction is very similar to the folding cage above. The only new thing you can add is scrap wood on its top to make it stable. 

Apart from the materials list, there is an estimated cost for constructing each of the designs mentioned. Remember, instructions are also provided. Constructing the cage takes less time and is very straight away. 

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  • Grow Box


This is trellis that has been designed for use on beds that are above the ground. It doesn’t demand much in its construction. Start by having a wooden post in each of the four corners. After that, buy or make wooden slat trellis.

To each of the four posts, attach a layer of trellis to them. Add another layer and attach them to the posts. There is no limit on the number of layers to be made; make as much as your plants will need.

I often use them in my small yard where they really work the best in making tomatoes grow upright.

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  • Tomato Tower #1


Having a tomato tower in your yard is an amazing thing. It is really cool. You won’t need to bend to pick the fruits once you have this tower with you on the farm.

Make four posts in each of the corners before adding rungs around until you get what looks like a box. You’ll realize how it is upward in shape and resembles some lighthouse. 

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  • Tomato Tower #2


If you are planning to grow your tomatoes in pots then here is a more practical cage for you. A fabric grow bag, metal posts, as well as wire fencing should never miss in your list of materials.

Have the tomatoes in the grow bag then make a wire fencing all-round the bag. Make the height of the fencing to be approximately six feet. Two metals will be needed on either side of the opposing wire fences. These are actually the source of strength to this cage.

I don’t think this cage is a good idea for those who plant on large gardens or on the ground. But if you stay in an urban setting then it can be of great help.

Get fabric grow bags here

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  • Wooden Tomato Cage


Here is a very simple cage that is fairly inexpensive and easy to DIY. You need 1x2x8 inches and 2x2x8 inches boards. Cut these boards into different sizes then screw or nail them together as per the dimensions.

The cage is actually some wooden box that makes tomatoes grow tall and strong. This cage is relatively strong. Your grown tomato plants will at no particular time have their support leave them.

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  • DIY Champion Trellis


Another easy to build box design in the name of the trellis is here. Just a few pieces of wood of different sizes are all you need to make it. 

Have the four posts firmly fixed into the ground before connecting them with rungs. With your tomato plant on the inner side, it will grow straight and strong. Keeping the trellis square is the challenging part when it comes to its construction.

But if you have proper tools then it will be a breeze. You can go ahead and paint it to get that amazing look. Add some character to your garden by having it painted with your favorite color. You can make this classic trellis on your own without much effort.

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  • Lean-To Tomato Trellis


Another one which is easy to build with ingenuity over it is this one. Posts are first driven into the ground before livestock paneling is called into action. The posts are placed on one side of the bed, and then the livestock paneling is done on the other side.

The livestock paneling is allowed to lean/rest on the posts. The tomato plants will, therefore, grow up while getting support from the livestock paneling. It is a very easy design which is and can be easily brought down when no longer needed.

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  • Livestock Cage


Do you have some livestock paneling that has not been put to use in your homestead? If yes then the materials you need are already available.

Begin the construction by ensuring that the livestock paneling is laid out on flat terrain. You can consider doing it on the driveway. You will then have to cut down the livestock paneling to a size that suits you.

Place a piece of wood in the livestock paneling where you need to have it bent for the purpose of shaping it. Bend and shape this paneling to form a square. You are now done and you can just place it into the ground.

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  • Garden Obelisk


The obelisk is just a trellis that looks like a lighthouse in shape. Since it does not involve cutting off angles during its construction, it is really easy to build. Just have woods of different lengths then use them to build a four-sided ladder. You can try it out. I am pretty sure you will like the results.

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  • Folding Trellis


Don’t confuse this idea with the folding cage. A trellis and a cage are totally different. A trellis is not closed on its sides as is the case with a cage. 

Build this trellis from slats instead of thicker wood. Staple gun and hinges will be very necessary for its construction. Firstly, build the square on the outside on one of its sides. Follow this by running vertical wooden slats followed by horizontal ones to create some checkered pattern.

Repeat the same procedure on the remaining side after which you should use hinges to connect these two sides. It is a creative design that is even easier to store.

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  • Concrete Mesh Tomato Cage


This is another tomato cage that is easy to construct. The materials list is provided contributing to its simplicity in terms of construction. The materials are very few.

Due to these materials, you will need sharp cutters as well as work gloves. After laying out all the materials, you’ll have to roll the concrete mesh out. Milk crate which contains some cinderblock will be used to hold it in position.

Cut the concrete mesh to a desirable size then roll it and place in the ground surrounding your tomatoes. And you are done!

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  • Colorful Cages


These cages are versatile and inexpensive. However, they are very flimsy and therefore less durable. They are the best consideration you can make when you don’t have the money or time to construct cages.

Just buy the wire and add some flare to it by spending less time and money. Get the painting done using the spray painting machine. You are free to make as many different colors as you want. You can as well decide to go for a classic uniform design; the choice is yours to make.

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  • Upside Down Tomato Cage


The idea of growing tomatoes upside down came with the Topsy-Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter some years ago. It has really taken tomato farming by storm. And this is basically what this cage focuses on.

Upside down planter options available 

5-gallon buckets are drilled with holes in their bottoms which tomatoes use to get out of the buckets. Other holes are then drilled for ensuring the fitness of the chord that will be holding the bucket in position.

Old newspapers and soil are then placed in the bucket. A small hole is made in the newspaper that the tomato plant will grow through to get out of the bucket. The newspaper simply holds the plant in position until it matures up.

I am considering practicing this idea in my garden.

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  • Sturdy Wooden Tomato Cage


Are you tired of the flimsy design of wire cages? Well, here is a more sturdy idea to consider. The cage will be very useful to you if you are considering growing tomatoes in large scale on a yearly basis.

It will be a worthy investment. It is made of four posts with rungs connecting them all around. It is then placed on the ground and tomato parts tied on it for training the tomato to grow upright. The cage is even painted for a more classic look which complements its sturdiness.

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  • Homemade Trellis


This trellis is basically a product of a fenced garden. It is built from wooden stakes plus metal fencing. It is the wooden stakes that will lead the tomato crop to the roof from where the metal ceiling has been built.

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  • $10 Obelisk


Those who grow pole beans like me should never lack this obelisk in their yards. It is very strong and tall therefore giving your crops a lot of room for growth. 

To make it, buy some wood even though a materials list is provided with all the sizes you will need. The list makes it easier to build this structure even to the newest DIY enthusiasts. 

After that, you will be required to build two ladder sides then add rungs to the ladder on the outer side to get a square shape. The upward growth will resemble a lighthouse. To add some character to this product, you can paint the obelisk with different colors.

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  • Stake A Cage


This cage is really simple to build. You can use it to tie up your tomatoes. Take a wire fencing which has been welded already then cut it to sizes that you need. Then drive into the ground an old stake.

With the stake already in the ground, attach the fencing on either side. Your cage will have been completed and ready for use. It is really functional and easy to put up. Besides, it is durable.

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  • Bailing Twine Tomato bed


If you grow tomatoes on a small scale, this is the cage you should look out for. Firstly, you need to build a garden bed that is above the ground. Then place 2 wooden posts into the ground and then connect them using 1 long beam.

You will then have to drape bailing twine from the plant to the top beam. The crops will, therefore, grow upright along the twine. It is really organized.

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  • 3-Step Trellis


Apart from being easy to build, it is also beautiful with a wide range of uses on your farm. It draws its name from the three steps involved in its construction.

First, you need to take measurements of the area that you need to be covered with this trellis. A materials list is given to help you in buying the necessary items. Take 4 posts to act as the main support for the structure. Make 2 teepees together with the posts.

Tie two teepees at the top then make the horizontal pieces to it. No hammering or drilling is involved in its construction; just tie all the pieces together.

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  • One and Only


It is claimed that this tomato cage should never miss in your yard. It doesn’t appear pretty but is very sturdy. Concrete wire mesh is needed in its construction.

As you go around planting the seedlings, insert t-posts in every bed’s end. Then slip the wire cages over the seedlings before running a PVC pipe across the wire cages. The support that comes with this is amazing.

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  • Wire Method Trellis


Here is another less expensive way to train tomatoes to grow upright and tall. Just put 2 metal poles into the ground then run 1 pole across their top. Add horizontal line strings every 5 feet.

When the plants grow to the level of the first wire, make a clipping of the vines to the pole. Make sure you do this every five feet. It is however not sturdy enough to withstand the weights of beefsteak tomatoes.

There are however ways of making it stronger.

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  • Upcycling Trellis Ideas


These ideas revolve around the use of materials that are idly lying in the compound to train your tomatoes to grow. Some of these materials are old chairs without bottoms used as a trellis; old bike tires hung on fence and old coat rock vertically placed on the ground.

Others are crib railings vertically placed on the ground, a ladder and an old mirror frame with a string attached to it. The beautiful and classic feel that accompanies these creative ideas is astonishing.

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  • PVC Pipe Tomato Cage


A large pipe is attached to the tomatoes to provide a sturdy tomato cage. Smaller PVCs are designed to form a box shape to the top from the tomatoes’ bottom. The tomato gets a lot of room for growth with support provided.

It’s less expensive but durable. You can use this cage on any kind of tomatoes. It is really simple to put up, and even first-timers can do it so quickly.

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  • Arch Walkway Trellis


Another beautiful creation is here with us again. To have it in your yard, start by building 2 above-ground boxes that are very close to create an arch between them. Then follow this step by building the arch walkway.

Make wooden slats on either side then run longer pieces of wood over the archway’s top.

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  • Bamboo Tomato Cage


It is a very sturdy cage that is potentially free and functional. Its shape is box-like. Put 4 bamboo posts on the ground then 2 bamboo supports on the sides. 

Just tie this cage together to make it easy to store during winter.

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  • Recycled Pallets-Turned Trellis


This is a simple and free idea that requires only the use of old pallets. Take the pallets apart then form A-frames on each side of the bed. You are then required to run some slats horizontally across the A-frames.

To train your tomatoes to grow right, tie them up on the trellis. However much the trellis appears rustic, there is no maintenance it needs as it will be fully functional.

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Wrapping Up

Which of the ideas mentioned have you ever used? What were your experiences? Is there any one of these that has caught your eye? You can try it then give me some feedback in the comment section below.

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