How to Build a Pallet Fence at no cost and DIY pallet fence ideas


From where I come from, we have a saying that “good fences make good neighbors.”  What this means is that a decent fence alleviates neighbor squabbles because of intrusions. 

With a fence, my pests do not cross over to my neighbor’s, and neither do her pets cross to my compound as well. When you hear of a fence, you might think of the fancy and very expensive stuff. This is not always so with pallet fences. 

These repurposed and recycled pieces of wood can be used to create very innovative and customized fences around your property, pen gates and much more. 

Asking yourself how? Well here is a guide on how to build a pallet fence yourself that is functional and is easy on your budget (they should be free). I used this criterion myself, so I believe you will find it useful too.

What you need

  • Sturdy and sound pallets
  • Chicken wire and strapping
  • 3” bolts
  • Roofing nails
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Poles (optional)
  • Slap stapler

Steps to build your own pallet fence


  • Planning and taking measurements


Before setting out to build your fence from pallets, you need to plan and design how you want the fence to look. With pallets, there are various combinations and orientations with which you can arrange them to form the fence. 

By taking measurements of the area to be fenced, you will also determine how many pellets you will need. It would be better if you bring more than having less. Pallets will readily find uses in lots of places. 

For the orientation, you can choose between vertical, parallel or take apart options. Each has its set of benefits and cons too.


  • Fetch the pallets


When you have everything planned out, you then need to collect the pallets. Most of these can be found in grocery stores, newspaper companies, the pallet makers themselves, furniture stores, business dumpsters among many others. 

You need to choose the pallets carefully though. You need strong and sturdy ones. If you make the wrong choice, it may impact on the strength and durability of your fence.

Here are all the things you need to know about collecting pallets and where you can find used and even new ones. I also found this guide to choosing pallets very useful as I was planning my fence.


  • Planting posts


This step is always an optional one. You can choose to plant posts into the ground first, then slide the pallets over them. Alternatively, you can arrange the pallets without posts and then use bolts or nails to join them together. 

Place the next pallets in the manner you had designed them to be, and then repeat the pattern for the whole fence. Again, how the pallets flush depend on the design. Just in case you used pallets of varying sizes (strive to use same sizes), you should not worry whether they are level or not. 

To make the corners, overlap two pallets at 900. Then fasten them with a screw or 3” bolts. Roofing nails can also do a decent joining job.


  • Make a pallet door


Your fence would not be very useful if there is no way of getting in or out, wouldn’t it? When sliding the pallets in place, you can leave a space enough for an entrance before proceeding with the rest of the fence. 

In my particular case, I used one of the pallets as a door. I had some old door hinges which I fastened to the door and the neighboring pallet. I used two hinges and a latch for ease of opening and locking of my amazing door. 

You can plant another pole at the latching side too, but make provision for the door being able to open.


  • Proof the fence


When you do not need pets and pests to have easy access to the fenced area, then you need to proof it from predators. 

Since I rear chicken, I added chicken wire to the inside of the fence so that they do not escape while predators do not get in. To fix the chicken wire onto the fence, I used a slap stapler. If you have one, I suppose you use it. 


  • Finishing


Now you can apply any finishing to your fence just as you want. You could paint it to match the structures around it or shape the pallets as you desire. 

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas

What I want my fence to do for me might be different from the next person’s needs. And since they are very easy to build, you can customize yours as much as you want. 

To give some inspiration for your next fence, here are some 5 interesting pallet fence ideas. 

  1. Classic Picket Fence

If you have access to lots of wood, then this one is for you. The results are quite amazing too.


  • Rugged Picket Pallet Fence


This design is almost similar to the first one, but it uses old and more rugged pallets.


  • Pallet top garden


How about you make the fence multitask? When using pallets, their tops form pretty good planter boxes for vegetables and flower. So if you have the time and the skill set, check this out.



This fence design looks better with newer pallets. But if looks aren’t your thing, then older but sound pallets can do. A detailed construction procedure is provided that you can follow.



The instructions for this one is not provided, but from the diagram, it is pretty straightforward to make. You can use it to keep your goats and pigs enclosed in a homestead.



Oops, I went overboard here. I am a big fan of gardening. That is why it is actually no surprise to find another garden or fence here. This one is quite different from the previous one in that the flowers are planted around it and not on top. 

And the paint job is quite amazing too.


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