Introduction to Lawn Care Equipment


What you need to keep your lawn in tip top condition depends on the type of lawn you have and how big the area is. For small lawns it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on equipment that you will not be using on a regular basis. What type of grass you plant is very important and you need to make sure that you chose the right type for your area and circumstances. To maintain your lawn in tip top condition you will need to make sure that you will have enough water to keep the lawn green and luscious. 


Lawn Mowers

Your lawn will have to be trimmed regularly and a lawn mower is essential. There are two types of lawn mowers, electric or gasoline rotary or the reel type which is a lot simpler. The rotary mowers come with or without a bagging system or with a mulching blade that will disperse the grass cuttings. Most of these mowers are self-propelled and you can even find ones that you can ride on while cutting the grass. The reel mowers which are less common, are the ideal solution for small patches of grass as they are inexpensive and very easy to use. 

Trimmers and Edger’s

String trimmers have a spinning plastic twine which is used to trim and cut grass in hard to reach places and to keep the edge of your lawn looking neat and tidy. The powerful Edge trimmers are usually with vertical metal blades and ideal for trimming borders. This is also an essential piece of equipment that is necessary to care for your lawn.

Aerating your lawn

All lawns need to be aerated from time to time to allow the water and air to penetrate below the grass. This can be done with a simple pitchfork or if you have a large lawn you can purchase a de-thatcher which is used to rough up the lawn to remove dead grass and allow the water to be absorbed into the roots. The act of aerating the grass is done to loosen dense grass and allow nutrients and water to penetrate the soil.


The above are essential for good lawn maintenance, other equipment to consider is a blower, which essentially blows all the leaves and loose particles into one area making it easier to clean. This is not an essential piece of equipment as a rake and garden broom can do the same job. Whether you buy a blower or not will depend on how much grass you have and what you are willing to spend.

Other equipment you might need is a sprayer for applying pesticides and small weed removal tools.

Apart from ample sunshine, grass needs regular watering to survive. For smaller gardens this can be done by hand, for larger areas it is wise to install a sprinkler system that will dispense the right amount of water automatically.

The items mentioned in this article are the basics needed to maintain a lawn. If you are looking for more advanced professional equipment, there is a huge variety that you can find which include fertilizer dispensers, drum rollers with spikes for aerating the lawn and testing kits to ensure that your grass is in optimum condition.

What you buy and how you use it is a personal choice, you can get away with a simple routine or purchase all the paraphernalia available to ensure the best possible results.


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