The Best Herbs To Plant In Early Spring


With spring on the way, you can consider growing your own herbs in the backyard or garden of your home. As herbs don’t need much space to grow, you can choose to grow them in containers or outdoors. They don’t need much looking after and all that you need to do is to provide good soil and sunshine. 

In early spring, the weather can be fickle, with one-day hot and the other frost cold. Tender herbs can find it difficult to survive in such fluctuating temperatures. You don’t have to worry as there are still many herbs that can survive such temperatures and still grow in a fine manner. 


  • Basil 



This herb is often referred to as the king of herbs and are a popular choice of homeowners to grow in their garden. Basil does really well if you plant the seeds indoors in containers and then transfer them outdoors when the weather permits. 


It can grow extremely well indoors and you do need to remember that it is very sensitive to cold. Even a light frost can kill it and it is advisable to plant it indoors until the danger of frost has completely passed. 


The trick to growing basil fast and abundant is to harvest them often. The more you harvest the more the plant will grow. Taking care of this herb is easy and knowing how to grow it can easily provide you large quantities of this tasty herb. 



  • Dill 



Dill is a popular herb that can be used to flavour everything from fish to pickles. The best way to have this popular herb is to grow it in your own garden. It grows really fast in the cool early spring soil. 


The best way to grow this herb is to seed and reseed it at weekly intervals so that you can have plenty of this tasty herb. These plants grow well in good sun. It is easy to care for this plant as it can grow in both rich and poor soil conditions. 


Harvest the herb by regularly trimming off the desired quantity of leaves that you need to add flavour to your cooking. If you want to harvest the seeds, allow the plant to grow until it goes into bloom. 



  • Parsley 


Parsley herb has a distinctive flavour. It is usually added to many dishes for its unique flavour and also used as a decorative garnish. The herb can be grown in containers or directly in the garden. 

The seeds can be sown directly in the soil indoors for about six weeks. As the seeds are quite small you don’t need to cover them with soil. All that you need to do is to sprinkle the seeds on the soil and mist them with water. 

Early spring is the ideal time to plant these seeds. After the seeds have sprouted you can choose to keep one or two plants per pot. You can harvest this herb all through the year. 


  • Thyme 


The thyme herb is frequently added to many dishes and is also used for decorative purposes. It is quite easy to grow this herb in your garden. The thyme plant can be grown from seed and it is best to sow them in early spring. You do need to remember that these seeds take a long time to sprout. 

The herb can grow well even in poor soil and little water. This makes it a preferred choice in low water landscapes. Harvesting the herb is easy and all that you need to do is to snip off as much as you want for your favorite recipe. 


  • Lemon Balm 



This herb is part of the mint family. It is strong enough to tolerate the crazy early spring weather. Growing this herb is very easy. They can grow well in any kind of soil and flourish best in full sun. 


It is advisable to plant it in a container and then sunk the container in your garden. If you plant lemon balm directly in the garden, it can quickly become invasive and grow all over. The sweet-smelling leaves can be used in cooking, making tea and potpourris and in making essential oil. 

One of the biggest benefits of growing these herbs in your own garden is that you can access them whenever you want to add a distinctive flavour to all your dishes. 

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