Why You Should Mow Your Lawn High


The most necessary thing which every gardener should know while taking care of his lawn is that mow your lawn high. Many lawns must be cut at the minimum mowing range of 2.5 inches, taking or giving the notch on the mower’s adjustable wheels. 

Why mow the Lawn High?

The lawn with more height will have greater surface area for the process of photosynthesis to happen. The increased process causes the much greater growth of plants, stronger root system, and a stout plant. 

Advantages of mowing the lawn high

The lush green, dense lawn which is maintained at the height of 3 inches is much tolerant to the infrequent watering and the stress made by the drought as there are more moisture reserves in the root and leaf tissue system. Though the turf will still need the water, the influences of the drought or excessive water will be not much noticeable and take more time to happen with the higher lawns. This can be the difference amid the lawn getting dried up or surviving till the next rain. 

Another important advantage of the high lawn is the aesthetics. The high amount of the leafy blades offers a dramatic enhancement in the color of turf. You may observe the lawn becoming consistent, lush green and smooth. 

Reasons to mow the lawn higher

Following are the few reasons of mowing the lawn higher. 

  1.   The grass leafs are the food generating parts of the grassy plants. In this part, photosynthesis occurs and plants get the essential food contents for having the excellent shoot and root growth system. The short it is; the lesser food plants will generate. 
  2.   The long grass leafs can shade the ground below them while keeping it cool, which keeps it well as soon as the lawn is mowed and gets short. You can say that the lawn doesn’t need to get as much of the supplemental water.  
  3.   The long grass leaves can reduce the growth of weed. There are many kinds of weed seeds which can be found in the lawns, waiting for the favorable conditions for getting germinated. One of such conditions is to have the sufficient sunlight for making them warm to germinate. If the sunlight doesn’t reach the seeds, there are very fewer chances for them to get germinated. High mowing is the best solution for controlling the weed growth.
  4.   So, as the grass leafs are cut to short, the plant needs to make its leaf blade grow and for this purpose, it utilizes the food reserves for producing the new shoots. All of these reserves are saved in the roots of the plant, so due to the forcing of the plant for growing its shoots in any condition can lower the food storage ability of plant. As the lawn is mowed high, the enough leaf surfaces will be available for keeping the plant healthful. As the leaf of the grassy plants is fresh and healthy, so will be your lawn.

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